Energy Management

We have many years of experience designing energy management systems and organisational plans that meet/exceed ISO 50001 standards and target reduced energy consumption, carbon emissions and energy costs.
We are skilled in verifying actual energy savings, using the techniques documented in the International (Energy) Performance Monitoring and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) administered by the Efficiency Valuation Organisation.


Energy Audits

We have completed over 130 energy audits across New Zealand. Each energy audit establishes how a building is currently performing and identifies a number of techniques to reduce energy use and costs.


Energy Efficiency Training

We have provided training in Energy Efficiency and Energy Management for many commercial and industrial clients in New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia.
We are presently providing training for Commercial Building Energy Specialists and Facilities Managers through the Energy Management Association of New Zealand (EMANZ).




Energy Efficiency is a critical technology for the world. It is the single best solution to the myriad of problems our society is facing today, around climate instability and resource depletion. Energy Efficiency allows people to reduce their energy use without sacrificing comfort or production. It usually is very profitable to apply, generating energy savings worth far more than their costs. And it often increases the comfort, health and productivity of its users.

Energy Efficiency can provide more savings than most people expect. In our experience, 20% - 50% savings are accruing regularly in projects we're associated with, at "paybacks" of well under three years. Energy Solutions has worked in many commercial and industrial sites around New Zealand, completing over 130 energy audits for most of New Zealand's largest energy users. At this time, we are focusing on commercial building HVAC controls improvements, as this is an area where we can deliver large savings at low costs, everytime.


energy-masters Money refunded if savings identified (for an audit) or achieved (for a project) are less than our fees.

EECA-BusinessWe guarantee that the savings we identify will be more than our fee for the project. If not, we will refund our fees to the extent of the difference. So far, every project has identified or achieved more than enough savings to meet the guarantee.